"We've had tremendous levels of engagement with FaB across all aspects of our company, particularly the Member FaBricators program. We, like so many other manufacturers, have experienced significant worker shortages while witnessing record levels of incoming customer orders. The Member FaBricators program allowed us to quickly explore robotics and automation by networking via FaB. It has been exciting to imagine new sales verticals made possible by new technology. All thanks to FaB!"

Sam J. Maglio, Jr.
President, Maglio Companies
Executive Board Member

Are you trying to achieve a company goal? Address a challenge or opportunity? Ask us. Our FaBricators are industry and operations professionals, craftspeople, and tradespeople that FaB has confirmed and onboarded to assist our members. All have agreed to our FaBricating Code of Conduct.

FaB’s network of member FaBricators are at the ready for the FaB team to tap for the resources or insights that you may need to achieve a company goal, break through a challenge, or seize an opportunity. Tapping our FaBricators is a free benefit to those working for FaB member companies. Learn more about our FaBricators and becoming a FaBricator.

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Pose Your Question to our FaBricators


  1. Ask your question via our FaBricator Request Form or email to Gina Balke.

  2. FaB qualifies and clarifies the request with the Asker.

  3. While keeping the Asker confidential, FaB sends a clarified request out to our member FaBricators.

  4. Those FaBricators that have insights, resources, or connections to share respond back to FaB.

  5. FaB shares the responses with the Asker.

  6. When appropriate, actual introductions may be made between the Asker and a FaBricator. (Both parties must agree to the introduction.)

  7. The Asker is encouraged to report back and ask again if needed. (FaB’s responses reflect what the responses gather at the time; new resources and connections are always emerging.)

  8. Questions are archived by general subject areas and available to members only on the FaBricator Portal. Responses are available upon request. When appropriate, resources identified are incorporated into FaB’s website.