The FaBcap Accelerator and accompanying Scaler Series of workshops, developed by FaB Wisconsin, is now hosted by The Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship at UW System-Food Finance Institute (FFI) – a collaborative partner on the program since its inception.

Learn more about the these programs designed to build the capacity and capitalization of Wisconsin’s growing food and beverage companies, positioning them for sustainable success.

With FaBcap 5, FFI will deliver the FaBcap Accelerator and Scaler Series of workshops in conjunction with FaB and with continued WEDC support while leveraging resources through the University of Wisconsin System’s Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship, FFI’s home.

As a FaBcap Presenting Sponsor, FaB will continue to share our communication channels and member mentorship and resources to the program. 

“We started collaborating with Tera Johnson, Founder & Director of the Food Finance Institute back in 2013. FaB was interested in an industry accelerator. Using FFI’s Food Finance Accelerator as a template, and with a grant from WEDC, together we launched FaBcap 1 in 2015,” said Shelley Jurewicz, Chief FaBricator of FaB Wisconsin. “To have the FaBcap program operate within the academic prowess of the Food Finance Institute, and garner the benefits that only come from academic support systems will provide a new level to operate the program, while our partnership with FFI maintains important connections to businesses of the industry. It’s a FaBulous example of fruitful collaboration and partnership.”


Since FaB launched the accelerator in 2015, 40 emerging young Wisconsin-based food, beverage, ingredient, packaging, or industry-related equipment manufacturers or technology companies – with demonstrated sales and ambitions to grow their business – have graduated from the accelerator, with classes of 10 Capper companies each year.

As of June 25, 2020, FaB, in collaboration with FFI and SBDC, and with funding support by WEDC and FaB members, have taken 40 companies (4 classes of 10) through the nine-month program. The 40 Cappers –  Wisconsin-based companies – have attracted $682,176 in grant funding, $7,356,127 in debt funding,  $8,712,112 in equity funding, and have annual sales totaling, $29,684,566



FaBCAP 5 (2020-2021)

FaBCAP 4 (2019-2020)

FaBCAP 3 (2018-2019)

FaBCAP 2 (2017-2018)


FaBCAP 1 (2015-2016)




If you knew me before this, you would have said, 'This guy will never get involved in something like this.' It’s true! But for some reason I did and it has been the best decision I have made so far for Clean Beam!" - Mark Cottone, Owner of Clean Beam and FaBcap 2 Participant

"I encourage my fellow entrepreneurs to tap the cap. While I came from the industry, getting Top Note Tonics off the ground was hard work. To have had the FaBcap program series available to us earlier would have put us on a more productive path sooner." - 
Mary Pellettieri, Owner of Top Note Tonics and FaBcap 1 Participant
"FaB Wisconsin's efforts haven't really been replicated anywhere in the country, and its accelerator will help startups establish crucial industry connections." - Grant Ferrier, President of the Nutrition Capital Network