Member FaBricators are available to FaBricate connections between their know-how and members in need of assistance or insights. FaBricators are not sharing trade secrets or offering company advice but rather sharing their own industry experience.

It is important to ensure those inquiring are following guidelines laid out in our Code of FaBrication. If you submit an inquiry to our FaBricators, you must agree to the Code of FaBrication:

  1. I agree my involvement is to ask for industry experience in response to needed insights, best practices, resources, and mentoring.

  2. I agree to interact with FaBricators and FaB members by showing them respect and by respecting their privacy.

  3. I agree that in the act of submitting inquiries, I am not receiving industry expertise, but rather industry experience. 

  4. I recognize that inquiries and answers may not be confidential, as FaB will be monitoring.

  5. I agree to ensure my interactions with FaBricators are related to work only.

The FaB team will manage and monitor FaBricator inquiries, ensuring member questions are being addressed. We will also watch for emerging themes and threads that need greater attention for future forums to address.

FaB reserves the right to remove any individual found not adhering to our Code of FaBrication.