Presented by Acuity Insurance & in partnership with Safe Food Resources


In 2018, FaB Wisconsin piloted an industry-accepted food safety training certificate of completion called FaBsafe. Today, the FaBsafe Certificate of Completion offers food and beverage makers and manufacturers, as well as related industry professionals and workers, a needed and affordable training option to meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

From the C-Suite to the plant floor, from temporary to contract workers –  FSMA requires that all persons in a food or beverage manufacturing facility (regardless of position) have documented food safety training. Individuals must receive training in the principles of food hygiene and food safety, including the importance of employee health and hygiene, at an appropriate frequency (annually or more often) depending on the food facility and the individual’s assigned duties. FaBsafe offers a foundation of training and an annual renewal to assist in your compliance. 

The FaBsafe Certificate® is affordable and reputable – and even more accessible, coming online this winter thanks to our partnerships with Acuity Insurance and Safe Food Resources.

The FaBsafe Certificate® is a four-hour certificate program designed to provide food and beverage manufacturers affordable and convenient basic food safety training. Upon passing modular quizzes, learners will receive a renewable and documented food safety training certificate of completion. A FaBsafe Certificate® is good for one year and renewable annually. To be awarded a FaBsafe Certificate® of Completion or Annual Renewal, learners need to achieve an 85% or better overall score on the quizzes.

NOTE: A FaBsafe Certificate® does not replace training specific to the food or beverage manufacturer you work for, but does offer a foundation of food safety training that may be applied to any food or beverage manufacturing environment.



FaBsafe online pricing and programming to be announced this winter! Soon available wherever you are, and always available to members and non-members alike, with members receiving a discount.



About FaB (Food and Beverage) Wisconsin
FaB Wisconsin is a food and beverage cross-industry membership organization. FaB’s 250 member companies represent the industry: big, small, local, and global employers from farm – factory – fork (including the dashes in between.) We’re clustered in Wisconsin with interwoven industry expertise, leadership, and spirit that is the FaBric of Wisconsin’s food and beverage industry strength and the foundation to feed and quench the world. 

Presented by Acuity
Acuity Insurance, headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, insures over 100,000 businesses, including 300,000 commercial vehicles, and nearly a half million homes and private passenger autos across 28 states. Rated A+ by A.M. Best and S&P, Acuity employs over 1,400 people. 

In partnership with Safe Food Resources
Wisconsin-based Safe Food Resources provides clients with the knowledge and expertise needed to promote food safety, quality and regulatory compliance. From training solutions developed by food professionals for food professionals, to consultations, whether in the  classroom or online We Create Food Safety Heroes!™



This course is divided into seven learning modules that focus on topics that impact your business and food safety systems today. They include:

  • the definition of food safety and why its important for everyone to focus on protecting our food supply
  • what are the regulatory GMPs
  • what are the pre-requisite programs versus preventive controls and key requirements for each
  • what are person GMP's and why personal responsibility for them is important
  • what are potential sources of contamination, why is sanitation important and what are some ways to verify and validate that your program is working
  • what is a food safety plan, what are the seven principles, and how does it apply to the type of foods my company is producing