Editorial: Wisconsin should OK Food Maker School

Editorial: Wisconsin should OK Food Maker School

Friday, November 21, 2014
Business Journal




The food and beverage manufacturing industry in the area has been surging in recent years.

Most recently, a proposal was unveiled Nov. 10 by the Milwaukee Area Technical College and FaB Wisconsin, a consortium of food and beverage manufacturers, for a Food Maker School and Center of Excellence to be located on West National Avenue in Milwaukee. The school would provide the necessary training for students who want to go into the burgeoning industry.

The plan is to seek $2.5 million in federal funding from the U.S. Economic Development Association and $2.5 million in grants from other sources, including Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority and local supporters.

The plan needs state of Wisconsin approval and should be quickly backed by state officials as well as local business groups and governments.

The impressive industry numbers back the efforts by MATC and the FaB group. The state has about 47,000 employees who work in the food and beverage processing and manufacturing industry.

This is a case where an industry is taking the lead to ensure it has enough employees to meet its needs.