Ansay International launches 'Drink in the Boff' marketing campaign for Luxembourgian beer

Ansay International launches 'Drink in the Boff' marketing campaign for Luxembourgian beer

Friday, August 23, 2019
Margaret Naczek, Milwaukee Business Journal



Ansay International knew that to market its imported Luxembourgian beer, Bofferding Beer, it needed a strong campaign.

“With so many microbrews in Milwaukee and so many craft brews…and major brands and major imports…we knew we needed something to stand out,” Ansay International marketing director Rob Ebert said.

Ansay International’s “Drink in the Boff” campaign for Bofferding Beer, which was created by Milwaukee-based advertising agency BVK, features local Wisconsin models posing naked against Wisconsin landscapes, shot locally in the Milwaukee area.

The campaign has a real, natural, tasteful approach to it, BVK's executive creative director Brian Ganther said.

“We believe this campaign you stop and look. We wanted to do it in a way that’s true to the brand,” Ebert said.

Mike Ansay and his daughter Kate Ansay founded Ansay International in 2014 as a way to promote both Bofferding beer and Luxembourgian imports. Mike’s father immigrated from Luxembourg during World War II, and Wisconsin, particularly southeastern Wisconsin, has a strong Luxembourgian population.

In late 2018, Ansay International signed an agreement with Bofferding Brewery to become the exclusive distributor of the brewery’s beer in the United States.

Bofferding Beer markets itself as 100% natural since its inception in 1764. It passes the German Reinheitsgebot, or purity law, which stated that the only ingredients allowed in a pure beer were barley, hops and water. The only exception is the addition of yeast, which was not understood when the law was created in 1516.

The marketing campaign was a way to connect back to the beer’s natural state by including models in what Ebert called “their natural state.”

The phrase works in two ways, Nick Marazza, BVK's group creative director and copywriter, said. It's the natural state of the person, and the natural state of the beer.

With local models and a local landscape, Ebert said the campaign did a good job of both capturing the Luxembourgian and Wisconsin spirit.

“It felt European but also distinctly Wisconsin,” he said.

When the BVK creative team was looking for locations to shoot the campaign, they tried to find parallels in the landscape between Wisconsin and Luxembourg, but they also looked for parallels in the culture. It was a mixture of European sensibility and nudity, Marazza said.

"At BVK, we're always striving to do — you can call it controversial, or productive," Ganther said. It's about making the campaign that stands out, he said.

Along with the scenic landscape, reminiscent of European woodlands, BVK integrated the importance of water into every photograph. Bofferding Brewery in Luxembourg is built on a natural spring, with the beer produced from the spring water.

BVK also used local people as the models in the campaign. All talent was locally sourced, art director and associate creative director Brian Steinseifer said.

"We wanted real people with real bodies," Steinseifer said.

Steinseifer said that while many beer campaigns objectify the body, this campaign was almost an anti-beer ad, celebrating the body in all shapes, ages, ethnicities and genders.

Currently, Bofferding Beer is exclusively sold in Wisconsin. Along with displaying the marketing campaign at local festivals, Ebert said the company is launching a digital campaign with the new design. Ansay International will also have social media contests with the theme of the all-natural beer.

The current social media contest asks people why drinking 100% natural beer is important to them.