Eagle Park Brewing expects to open Muskego brewery and distillery in spring

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Margaret Naczek, Business Journal


In spring of 2020, southeastern Wisconsin craft beer lovers will have another option for a unique taproom experience — this time in Waukesha County.

Eagle Park Brewing Co., which currently operates out of a 5,000-square-foot facility on Milwaukee’s east side, will open a 20,000-square-foot brewery and distillery at S64 W15680 Commerce Center Parkway in Muskego.

"It’s a little surreal right now for sure. I think it’s been on our minds for such a long time right now. This is the product of almost a year and a half of at least the concept. We knew moving into Hamilton it would always be too small for our future goals. This is finally our first opportunity to kind of start from scratch, build what we want. It feels good," co-owner Jake Schinker said.

Eagle Park Brewing opened in January of 2017 at the Lincoln Warehouse in Bay View. Component Brewing now occupies the space.

Max and Jackson Borgardt and Schinker came up with the name for their brewery from the cross streets where they began home brewing, Eagle Trace and Deer Park in New Berlin.

The brewery known for its innovative beers, such as milkshake IPAs, moved to its east side location at 823 E. Hamilton St. in April 2018.

“Our dedication to innovation in all aspects of our business forces us to always be looking forward to the next step,” Schinker said in an email. “That mentality fosters progress and keeps our customers engaged with what we do.”

Eagle Park had reached near capacity in both production volume and its taproom since opening at Hamilton Street, prompting the Muskego location.

“We will be able to say yes to more opportunities such as private events, wider distribution and collaborations. We thrive when we have flexibility, but when your brewery is forced to squeeze out every last drop of beer possible, there’s not much room doing more than just that,” Schinker said.

The new facility includes manufacturing space for both the production of beer and spirits. There is also the potential to add cider into Eagle Park’s portfolio as well.

Schinker said that the brewery will begin production at the Muskego location in February or March. The facility will operate a 20-barrel system. At the brewery's east side location, Eagle Park has a 7-barrel system. On the spirits side, the co-owner said the brewery will begin with producing vodka, rum and gin though it has plans to focus on bourbon. The new location also will have a barrel storage space, which will house roughly 300 barrels.

The new space also allows for more collaborations with other breweries. Schinker said he sees the Hamilton taproom as a playground, a pilot facility to test new beers. The Eagle Park co-owner anticipates collaborating on 15-barrel batches, which is about a 100-case release. He also said the larger Muskego space will allow for more flexibility to collaborate on a beer to distribute.

Schinker said he views the Muskego location as the corporate offices. For the first time in two years, he will have an office rather than using the east side taproom bar as his desk. By quadrupling the facility size, the Muskego location also seats about 350 people compared with 96 on Hamilton Street.

The co-owner estimated that the Muskego location will be open in April or May. Right now, the construction team is ahead of schedule.