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City Lights expanding distribution, adding capacity

Thursday, February 1, 2018   (0 Comments)

Arthur Thomas


Milwaukee-based City Lights Brewing Co. is expanding its distribution to Minnesota and Illinois while also investing to double its annual capacity, the company announced Thursday.

The Menomonee Valley brewery is also adding two beers – Coconut Porter and Mosaic Pale Ale – to its "signature series” of six-pack, 12-ounce cans.

The new cans will be in stores in the near future and the company will begin shipping to Illinois and Minnesota in March, working with 18 different distributors to serve new and existing markets.

"As we expand beyond the friendly confines of Wisconsin, the quality of the beer is of paramount importance. Our distributor network in both Minnesota and Illinois have recognized the quality of the beers that our brewing team zealously obsesses over,” said Robin Gohsman, City Lights president.

City Lights is also adding three 90-barrel fermentation tanks to its operations to double its annual capacity. Through November, 4 Brother Blended Beer Co., the predecessor to City Lights, had produced 1,442 barrels, according to state records.

"We are both proud and humble that people have so positively embraced our beers, our culture and our brand. Our team is passionate and laser-focused to provide quality, balanced and delicious craft beers,” said Bob Mikulay, City Lights chairman.

City Lights is one of a number of craft breweries to open in the Milwaukee area in recent years. The expansion follows a trend that has seen a number of other new breweries, including Raised Grain, Third Space and Good City, announce plans to grow as well.

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