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Breweries tapping into Wisconsin's taste for beer: The List

Friday, April 20, 2018   (0 Comments)
Business Journal

Barb Zaferos



The beer barons of old must be smiling down with thoughts of a frothy stein right about now. Beer-making activity has ramped up around the city of Milwaukee and the entire state. Raise a glass, the tradition lives on.

Besides the large manufacturers like MillerCoors LLC, which tops The List with an estimated 5.5 million barrels produced last year, creative tastes and concepts in craft and micro-breweries are hopping up all over.

This week’s list of 26 top-producing breweries all had an output of 2,000 or more barrels in 2017. Two more made the web-based list with at least 900 barrels produced.

From monikers like "Pallet Jack Cruiser" from Door County Brewing Co. and "Fantasy Factory" beer from Karben4 Brewing in Madison, to "Alice Who the Helles Alice" from small Urban Harvest Brewing Co., Milwaukee, and "Wet Willy" oatmeal stout from Pigeon River Brewing Co., in Marion, the creative juices for name selection and packaging are flowing.

Many breweries on The List feature taprooms and food offerings that beckon beer lovers and novices to come and taste the different flavors and drink in the ambience of their spaces.

Whether beermakers describe their beer as "an explosion of Citra and Mosaic hops," as in Milwaukee Brewing Co.'s MKE IPA, or tout the flavors of coconut, guava or even blueberry in some of their specific brews, they are eager to please and have fun in the process.

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