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Eggnog Kringle 'Rolled Out' By Wisconsin Bakery For First Time

Friday, December 7, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Scott Anderson, Patch
RACINE, WI -- Wisconsin's official state pastry is getting a new look - or should we say flavor - this holiday season after O&H Danish Bakery rolled out Eggnog Kringle for the first time.

Kringle is a ring or pretzel-shaped traditional Danish pastry comprised layered, flaky pastry dough, a sugary glaze or frosting, and filled with fruit or savory fillings. Racine is often considered the Kringle epicenter of the U.S. with several Danish bakeries within walking distance.

The Eggnog Kringle combines the traditional flaky Danish Kringle pastry with a smooth custard filling blended with homemade eggnog and topped with creamy frosting and crisp gingersnap cookie pieces.

"Being a family-owned bakery, we like to use flavors that help us reflect upon specific traditions," said Matt Horton, vice president and family member. "This is just one of many pastries in our holiday lineup that will make you want to celebrate the season with family, friends and delicious treats."

O&H Danish Bakery was started by Christian Olesen, who emigrated from Denmark in 1924 and created the bakery 25 years later. The bakery is now run by the fourth generation of the Olesen family. 

The bakery has grown since then. Each December, O&H makes up to 7,000 Kringle a day in what is a billion-dollar industry. O&H Kringle has been shipped to more than 100 countries and has made landfall in all seven continents.

The Eggnog Kringle is currently for sale at O&H locations throughout Wisconsin, and available through the bakery's mail-order portal here. Here's how to order.

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