We’re organized to tighten Wisconsin’s food and beverage industry ecosystem and to heighten our industry leadership, global awareness, and capacity for sustainable growth and industry innovation. We’re organized to come up 30,000 feet to assess and respond to the strengths and weakness of our industry ecosystem.

The FaB team represents over 100 years of combined industry experience. And with our Executive Board, we’ve aligned our leadership structure and member engagement forums around needed areas of strategic focus and collaboration.

How do we bring visibility to our strengths, and act when voids are identified? We listen for what wants to happen and make it happen. 

To date we’ve identified five areas of strategic focus to organize and engage our members. Each area of strategic focus is supported by a Member Forum and their co-chairs:




In 2010, the Milwaukee 7 (M7), the seven county regional economic development collaborative of southeastern Wisconsin, had identified food and beverage manufacturing as a targeted industry for regional economic growth. The M7 seized the opportunity to develop a food and beverage manufacturing cluster organization to support the high potential for economic impact the industry offered the region. The M7, with its parent, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC), seeded the formation of FaB originally under the banner of FaB Milwaukee. In spring of 2014, the name was changed to FaB Wisconsin to recognize the industry's supply chain strength across the state.