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FaBcap Accelerator


The FaBcap Accelerator is our business and finance program designed to build the capacity and capitalization of our growing food and beverage companies, positioning them for sustainable success.

We select ten young Wisconsin-based food, beverage, ingredient, packaging, or equipment manufacturers, or technology companies with demonstrated sales and ambitions to grow their business.

These ten participants, or "Cappers," benefit from a dedicated industry coach, facilitated cohort meetings, an Innovation Café to kick the year off, and a Market, Panel & Pitch event to graduate and receive a $10,000 check!

From baby food to honey spirits, buffalo to bitters, curcumin to hemp to olive oil, and crackers to cookies (plus a catalytic disinfection technology for good measure), our cohort seems well-poised for growth.

Meet FaBcap 1 (2015-2016) 
Meet FaBcap 2 (2017-2018)



  • Nine months of one-on-one personal and Certified Financial and Business Coaching from Brad Rostowfske, FaB Wisconsin's Director of Industry Growth and Tera Johnson, Director of the Food Finance Institute (approximately 80 hours) 

  • Nine months of one-on-one "issue” coaching from industry experts

  • Five facilitated cohort meetings at area food companies (subjects covered include marketing, sales, operations, etc.)

  • An Innovation Café to kick things off

  • A Pitch and Innovation Market event for Cappers to share their story, successes, ambitions, and products

  • A prepared company packaging for use in future financial requests

  • A $10,000 cash award 



Mid July - Mid August
FaBcap Application Period

Late August
Selection Announcement of 10 Cappers

Class 3 Innovation Café Event: September 20, 2018

Class 3 Pitch and Innovation Market event


  • General business coaching by Brad Rostowfske, FaB's Director of Industry Growth
  • Financing coaching by Tera Johnson, Director of the Food Finance Institute
  • FaB member business mentoring – to be assigned based on business need and focus
  • FaB member subject matter experts' consultation as needed


October 2018
FaBcap goals, deliverables, Capper presentations, cohort roundtable, Tera Johnson Food Finance presentation, and other potential guest speaker

November 2018
Marketing focused: Capper presentations, cohort roundtable, Bader Rutter branding and marketing presentation, and other potential guest speaker

January 2019
Sales & distribution focused: Capper presentations, cohort roundtable, broker/distributor/retailer presentation, and other potential guest speaker

March 2019
Food safety focused: Capper presentations, cohort roundtable, Food Safety presentation and other potential guest speaker

April 2019
Operations focused: Capper presentations, cohort roundtable, production/supply chain presentation, and other potential guest speaker

May 2019
Investor Pitch Presentation rehearsal and other potential guest speaker

June 2019
FaBcap Investor Pitch Event & Closing Ceremony


"Thank you for selecting ALT Brew for FaBcap. Your help, guidance, and support have been instrumental in our success. We're proud and grateful to be a part of FaB Wisconsin!"



- Trevor Easton, Owner of ALT Brew and 2017-2018 Participant

"If you knew me before this, you would have said, 'This guy will never get involved in something like this.' It’s true! But for some reason I did and it has been the best decision I have made so far for Clean Beam!"

- Mark Cottone, Owner of Clean Beam and 2017-2018 Participant

"I encourage my fellow entrepreneurs to tap the cap. While I came from the industry, getting Top Note Tonics off the ground was hard work. To have had the FaBcap program series available to us earlier would have put us on a more productive path sooner."

 - Mary Pellettieri, Owner of Top Note Tonics and 2015-2016 Participant

"We wouldn't be here without FaB and the FaBcap program."

 - Robin Gohsman, President of City Lights Brewing Co. and 2015-2016 Participant

"FaB Wisconsin's efforts haven't really been replicated anywhere in the country, and its accelerator will help startups establish crucial industry connections. Creating a supportive environment for those companies through an accelerator is a great way to get them to the next level."   
- Grant Ferrier, President of the Nutrition Capital Network

"It turns out that food businesses, local and otherwise, make money (and don't) in predictable ways. The more entrepreneurs, investors, and financial professionals have a common understanding of what works, the more successes we'll have."      

- Tera Johnson, Founding Director of the Food Finance Institute


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