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FaBsafe Certificate


The FaBsafe Certificate (formerly known as MakerSafe) is a strategic response to the talent shortage facing the industry and the food safety training requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certifications. The statewide food and beverage manufacturing FaBsafe Certificate proposed is being modeled after the easily-accessible and affordable introduction to food safety programs offered on the hospitality and retail side of the industry.





The Challenge

We have a call to action understanding the food safety training requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA); the demographic shift and workforce migration creating a talent shortage; and the lack of industry career pathways and opportunity awareness that are impeding the growth and development of an industry workforce.  And while talent is needed from the plant floor to the executive offices, its attracting the entry-level workforce that is in highest demand and which offers the greatest opportunity to meet the workforce development and growing talent needs of the industry.

In a 2016 FaB Talent Needs Assessment Survey, 66% of the 54 food and beverage businesses with Wisconsin locations who completed the survey revealed that high school-level production line talent was most in demand and the toughest jobs to fill.  Respondents also revealed a preference for condensed onsite and online training certificates.


The generational demographic shift caused by the retiring boomer population is causing a talent shortfall across all industries across the United States and around the world. For those of us in the food and beverage manufacturing sector, the situation is compounded by the lack of an entry-level certificate that identifies with a food and beverage manufacturing career path. Without an industry-recognized academic starting point, food and beverage manufacturing will continue to be sidelined as a career pathway as early as 6th grade, the first point at which Academic Career Planning (ACP) is required in classrooms across Wisconsin. 

In Response

We have an opportunity to develop and offer a FaBsafe Certificate, FaB’s strategic response to the talent shortage facing the industry and the food safety training requirements FSMA and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certifications. The proposed statewide food and beverage manufacturing FaBsafe Certificate is being modeled after the easily-accessible, widely-available, very-affordable, introductions to food safety offered by the hospitality and retail side of the industry.

The Benefits

An accepted industry FaBsafe Certificate that offers food safety training that is easily accessible and affordable (~$125) and that will provide Wisconsin’s food and beverage makers a statewide, industrywide recognized, series of basic food and beverage manufacturing safety certificates.


FaBsafe: 8-Hour Certificate
To attract entry-level talent with a built-in foundation of food safety training 

Helps attract new entry-level talent to the industry by offering a career pathway starting point for employment opportunities across food and beverage manufacturing

Offered in high-schools and online

Connected to advanced industry career training and pathways

Provides a recognized and valued, base-level of food safety training by industry employers

Can be built upon with a company’s internal food safety training program

FaBsafe Refresher: 75-Minute Renewal Certificate
To maintain employee annual food safety training requirements

Offers an affordable online annual food safety refresher to meet the training documentation
requirements of FSMA


The Background 

Industry CEOs, leaders, and human resource and food safety professionals came together in 2016-2017 to lay out an industry talent attraction and development plan, learning about the looming talent shortage, lack of career pathways and opportunity awareness, and the lack of a widely available entry level training certificate for easy entry into food and beverage manufacturing. A plan was born through a series of meetings and action steps being led by the FaB Council and Talent and FaBsafe Committees, resulting in the recommended action to develop a food safety certificate that could duly serve to help meet the food safety training requirement of FSMA.


The Timeline
 February 16, 2016

Outcome: The idea of promoting the lifestyle choices and lifelong career opportunities of the food and beverage industry. The knowledge that Wisconsin requires 8th graders to begin Academic Career Planning. The knowledge that the manufacturing side of the industry is lacking an entry level academic training path to an industry career.

November – December 2016

FaB Talent Needs Assessment Survey is conducted 

Outcome: The survey, which put a spotlight on food safety training requirements of FSMA, was completed by 54 food and beverage manufacturers. Sixty-six percent (66%) cited high school-level production line talent as the most in demand and the toughest jobs to fill.  

February 28, 2017

FaB CEO Briefing presents Hospitality Best Practices and Talent Outreach Plan

Outcome: The idea that FaB should offer a basic food safety certificate.  The knowledge that an entry level point recognized by industry and academic institutions is required for students to learn of the career opportunities of food and beverage manufacturing through their Academic Career Planning activities and resources like Career Cruising. And the knowledge that titles matters, as the basis of students and the workforce to navigate their career exploration on Inspire Wisconsin.  

April - June 2017

FaB’s Talent Committee drafts FaBsafe Certificate

June - July 2017

FaB’s Council and FaBsafe Committee reviews FaBsafe Certificate, management and funding

Summer – Winter 2017

  • Forming a College and Training Collective to offer and coordinate industry training and development
  • Developing the FaBsafe Certificate model for operation, partners, and funding
  • Garnering funding and industry, training partners, academic support

Fall 2017

   Conduct MarkerSafe Support Survey, October 26 - November 30 

Winter – Spring 2018

Developing Curriculum, training materials and foundation of an online platform

Spring 2018


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