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FaB's Farm-Factory-Fork

To inspire the next generation of talent into the career-making possibilities of our food and beverage industry, FaB hosts its Farm to Factory to Fork High School Career Discovery. With nearly half of our existing working population due to retire, ensuring there is a pipeline of talent for the food and beverage industry is more important than ever. Additionally, talent is required if we are to double our food production by the year 2050 to feed a global population of 9.7 billion. 


Just like that, our fifth Farm to Factory to Fork High School Career Discovery on May 10 has come and gone! 150 students from nine high schools, 19 industry employers, and four colleges came together for an intense day full of learning and ideation. We're extremely grateful to Concordia University for generously hosting and helping facilitate this amazing experience.

Students and their chaperones met industry professionals in a variety of positions and roles, food and beverage companies with a variety of work-based learning opportunities, and colleges and universities which offer industry degrees. New this year, students also engaged in a process of product development being led by Concordia University’s team behind their Master in Food Product Development Program.


 The 2018 Farm to Factory to Fork High School Career Discovery held on April 24 was our best yet. With 300 students from 15 high schools, 23 industry employers, and four colleges, the room was buzzing! A huge thank you to Mount Mary University for generously hosting this truly awesome day.

Students, chaperones, and company exhibitors came together to eat breakfast and take in a CEO panel presentation featuring Palermo's Pizza, Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, Milwaukee Pretzel Co., Kerry, and Sargento. Armed with inspiration and plenty of questions, students received a broad stroke introduction to the industry. An impressive collection of exhibitors, including ingredients, consumer product and packaging makers, grocery retail, and even professional service firms focused on the industry, were prepared with interactive discovery activities for valuable hands-on learning. The cherry on top of the day: an ideation station where students shared their ideas for feeding the world.


March 24, 2017 marked FaB’s Third Farm to Factory to Fork High School Career Discovery. Thank you to all the employers, educators and trainers, industry professionals, students and high school chaperones and coordinators, and a special thank you to the Milwaukee Public Museum for opening its doors and Global Kitchen Exhibition to us. It was a FaBulous and one-of-a-kind career discovery!

Our 2017 Discovery shared an experience between students and our food and beverage makers, producers, and educators, offering an experience dedicated to what we eat and drink, how it gets to our tables, and who makes it happen. It also offered students personal contact with industry professionals and the opportunity to meet Wisconsin food and beverage companies as they learned about the lifelong career opportunities and where to receive advanced training. 




Our 2015 Farm-Factory-Fork, held in April 2015, was attended by 300 students who expressed an interest in the food and beverage industry from Milwaukee's public Vincent High School, Elkhorn Area High School, and Campbellsport High School. Students visited with 25 industry employers, participated in a panel discussion and Q&A with industry professionals, learned what makes a "good job," and enjoyed a keynote presentation from Maya Warren, UW-Madison food science Ph.D student and winner of The Amazing Race.




In 2014, FaB launched its first Farm-Factory-Fork High School Career Exploration event at Vincent High School. A Milwaukee Public School, Vincent High School has nearly 1,300 students, freshmen to seniors, who are learning science, technology, engineering and math through the lens of food. With 90 acres of farm land, aquaponics operations, a greenhouse, bee hives and a new food science program starting, Vincent is well-poised to both educate and interest students in a food or beverage career. All 1,300 students visited with 25 industry employers during the Career Exploration.

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