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For middle and high school students, titles matter. In early Academic Career Planning, students begin to select position titles that interest them through an online platform called Career Cruising. When was the last time you heard of a student aspiring to be "batcher” or "food scientist”? FaB’s Career Video Collection is designed to bring the various positions of the industry (and your company) to life. 

FaB is pleased to offer its members an affordable, concise, and branded way to feature their company and the career making possibilities of the food and beverage industry in a career video. To create the videos, we’re pleased to partner with Radio Tower Productions, the producers of the Emmy Award-winning Wisconsin Foodie TV show on PBS. 


FaB’s Career Video Collection places a spotlight on the wide variety of career opportunities in the food and beverage industry. 

Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer of Wisconsin Foodie, Arthur Ircink, will use a modern documentary style to create a 2-minute video that captures a single employee (ideally a millennial) in a featured titled position throughout his or her day at a FaB member company, sharing their personal food story, growth, and success with their employer. Each video concludes with FaB’s "Be a Part of Something Big.”

The videos are posted online in FaB’s Career Center, free to the public and high schools at Contracted member companies also have full access to their video and B-roll for internal and alternative purposes.



The estimated cost is $4,000 per a single 2-minute FaB Career video. The rate includes one day for shooting and four days for editing. If the project exceeds the estimated time, the client will be charged for revisions (outlined below). The figures below represent an estimate. Final numbers will be updated when a video concept is agreed upon.

Cinematography (1 day; includes sound and camera equipment) $1,800
Editing* (4 days per video at $550 per day) $2,200

Estimated Cost Per Video $4,000
*Includes 1 round of revisions. Note: $50 per hour for revisions outside of agreed upon concept.



The Star: A Millennial or Gen X-er in a featured titled position of a FaB member company

The Audience: A younger demographic - Generation Z and our youngest Millennials

The Story: The touchpoints of the star’s personal food journey to their current position

Opening Scene: An introduction to the star, their titled position, and the company

The Style: Modern documentary

The Music: A collection of background music that offers an upbeat viewing tempo

The Storyboard: 



Contact Emily to get started.

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