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Sustainable Production




Wisconsin provides incentives for companies that invest in equipment and processes related to energy efficiency, including irrigation systems, coolers, fryers, lighting, HVAC and information systems. Free on-site energy assessments can be provided to preexisting businesses of any size. Businesses in construction can be provided with recommendations and incentives to incorporate energy-efficient components in their project.



Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership offers a breadth of resources and information on lean manufacturing and sustainable product and process development, including certification implementation and maintenance, auditing, strategic planning, cost management, energy resource assessments, and the Wisconsin Profitable Sustainability Initiative.



Headquartered in downtown Milwaukee, ASQ offers a breadth of resources on Lean Six Sigma from publications to training. A wide range of certifications are available through ASQ, including those related to quality, reliability, and those in ASQ's "Belt" series. A web of message board communities connect professionals with others in their industry.

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