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Talent Committee

We’re a committee of dedicated industry professionals committed to talent attraction and development. While we come to the table holding a variety of positions, we all have the backing of our companies to engage. We meet 10 times per year, with three meetings featuring an industry best practice and opened to the FaB membership. We also will engage key academic, outreach and workforce development partners at several of our meetings.

We’re the force behind FaB’s Career Videos and commercial aired on Wisconsin Foodie, FaB’s Farm–Factory–Fork High School Career Exploration, and new food manufacturing technical school programs.



We invite FaB member food and beverage companies to have representation on our committee. If you or your company are interested, see below to determine if your interests align with our body of work. To explore participating on tFaB, please contact Shelley Jurewicz, executive director of FaB Wisconsin.


Why a focus on talent? 

To learn why, watch our FaB Video presented at our 2016 February CEO Briefing, "The State of Industry Talent.” 

tFaB’s role
is to ensure the industry has a pipeline of talent. Meaning, that we have the talent to fill the growing number of positions and careers opportunities for your businesses and across the industry.

What we’ve learned to date is that the public is generally unaware of the lifelong career opportunities the food and beverage industry has to offer and the broad spectrum of opportunities. Talent can choose from, move about, and advance between, farm, factory and fork. We offer careers to feed and quench the world, better.

tFaB’s work is focused on establishing and marketing industry career opportunities for development, advancement and attraction; while sharing best practices. 






Announced the FaB Career Outreach Plan and Shared Survey Results


Rounded Out FaB Career Center with New Outreach Resources
Including classroom activities, industry talking points, career videos, etc.

Hosted the FaB Farm to Factory to Fork High School Career Discovery  

Hosted Best Practice Sessions

 Began the Development of a FaBsafe Certificate


Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month from 8:30 am-10:00 am at the MMAC. A call-in meeting option is provided. One or more meetings are opened to the FaB membership as a best practice session.

Tuesday, January 9
FFF Planning Meeting

Mount Mary University
Bergstrom Hall, Milwaukee

Tuesday, February 13
Introducing our
College Collective

756 N. Milwaukee St. #400, Milwaukee

Tuesday, March 13
FFF Best Practice Meeting

Mount Mary University
Bergstrom Hall, Milwaukee

Tuesday, April 10
Final prep for FFF

756 N. Milwaukee St. #400, Milwaukee

Tuesday, May 8
Special Meeting
Note: 8:00 -10:00 am

Mount Mary University - Steimke Hall
2927 N. 92nd St., Milwaukee

Tuesday, June 12
Regular Meeting

756 N. Milwaukee St. #400, Milwaukee

Tuesday, July 10

No meeting
Tuesday, August 14
Regular Meeting

756 N. Milwaukee St. #400, Milwaukee

Tuesday, September 11
Regular Meeting

756 N. Milwaukee St. #400, Milwaukee

Tuesday, October 9
Regular Meeting

756 N. Milwaukee St. #400, Milwaukee

Tuesday, November 13
Regular Meeting

756 N. Milwaukee St. #400, Milwaukee

Tuesday, December 12
No meeting




Shelley Jurewicz

Executive Director

FaB Wisconsin


Marie Colmerauer
Food Science Instructor

Milwaukee Area Technical College


Gina Balke

HR Specialist

Ocean Spray Cranberries






Rachel Matthews

Safety & HR Generalist

Campbell's Soup


Samantha Belasco

HR Business Partner

Chr. Hansen


Jessica Mead

HR Manager

Create-A-Pack Foods


Sherry Alburg

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Gehl Foods


Dan Depies

Director of Workforce Development

Goodwill Industries


Julie Herschleb

Director of Total Awards



Jennifer Stecker

HR Generalist
Kerry, Inc.


Claire Evans

Talent & Development Manager

Klement Sausage Co.

Lisa Goeke

HR Specialist

Krier Foods, Inc.


John Barker

Director Human Resources
Krones, USA

Megan Paquin

HR Generalist 

Krones, USA 


Caitie Bowers

HR Manager

Maglio Companies


Corrina Molinaro

HR Manager

Masters Gallery Foods


Susan Koehn

Director of Workforce Industry Partnerships

Milwaukee 7


Lizet Salgado

HR Generalist

Palermo’s Pizza


Kelly Ramirez

Branch Manager

QPS Employment Group


Anne Troka

Workforce Development Liason



Emily Kodet

HR Manager

Sendik's Food Markets


Nicole Tritt

HR Team

Schreiber Foods


Christopher Wodarczyk

HR Business Support Team Leader

Schreiber Foods


Christopher Fronczak

Human Resources Director









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