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Missed the event, or just want to relive it? Here's a play-by-play, complete with videos and the script.

"Hello, and welcome to FaB’s Fourth Annual Meeting. My name is Giacomo Fallucca. I am president and CEO of Palermo’s Pizza. We’re a maker of premium frozen pizzas. I’m a proud member of the FaB Executive Board and Council. And Palermo’s is a proud Annual and FaBcap Sponsor. On behalf of FaB, welcome back to Feeding America. This marks our third year here, connecting the food we make with people in need. Thank you for joining us. We're now 200 members strong and have the support of a wealth of sponsors. Join me in recognizing our member companies...applaud when you see your logo."

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"Hello, my name is Angie Kasten. I am human resources manager at Angelic Bakehouse. We're a maker of sprout-grain products and we recently announced our plant expansion in Cudahy. I proudly serve as a chair of the FaB Talent Committee.
Today you’ll notice the spotlight we’re placing on your titles - it’s because they matter. All sixth through twelfth graders in Wisconsin use an online tool for maintaining their required career plan called Career Cruising. Technically, it’s 'title' cruising. Without greater awareness of the titles we all hold – and the industry offers – students won’t be cruising for us.

Did you eat today? Plan on eating tomorrow? The day after? I learned the hard way that we shouldn’t take it for granted. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to moderate an industry panel at our Farm-Factory-Fork Career Discovery. We kicked off the panel with the same question to high schoolers in the audience. Immediately I noticed too many students not raising their hands. We realized at that moment that some kids had come hungry. We all wanted to do more. And today you can – I am."

"Hello, my name is Patti Habeck. I am President of Feeding America. Welcome back!"

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"Hello, my name is Shelley Jurewicz. I am Executive Director of FaB Wisconsin. We have a FaBulous program lined up for you today with a feature presentation by Jim Snee. Think you know Hormel? Stay tuned. We’ll be back in 30 minutes for the remainder of our program. Enjoy your fall harvest salad by Sendik’s and a year of impressive industry news. Bon appetit."

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"Welcome back. Hello, my name is David Carpenter. I am president of Chr. Hansen. We are a global bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. I'm a proud member of the FaB Executive Board and Council, and Chr. Hansen is a proud Annual Sponsor. Today we’ll hear about Hormel’s Food Journey for the Future. We’d like to also share with you FaB’s Journey…from our formation, to our focus, to our future. I recall Shelley coming to my office in 2010 to talk with me about creating a cluster organization. More than a few of us took those early meetings with her, but it was our first clandestine meeting in the caves of MillerCoors that generated the interest needed to proceed. Ninety industry leaders turned out and realized the breadth of our industry strength was undeniable. And we knew then that our strength could be elevated for a competitive advantage. Take a look at how we got started."

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"Hello, my name is Sam Maglio. I am your tomato guy. I'm the President and CEO of Maglio Companies. We're a wholesaler of produce. I'm a proud member of the FaB Council, and Maglio Companies is a proud Annual and FaBcap Sponsor. Now let’s continue our journey moving from formation to focus. As Giacomo had stated earlier, FaB is where the business of food meets our passion for better food and beverage. Our focus is clear:

No. 1: We all need talent.
No. 2: We all want to grow our businesses, and,
No. 3: We all want to be produce, make, distribute and prepare safe food.

It is your input that got us here. And it’s your input that will continue to drive our strategic focus. This is how we work."

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"Hello, my name is Sara Suckow. I am a Talent Acquisition Manager at Sargento. We are the leading manufacturer, packager and marketer of natural cheese. And earlier this year, we were recognized as a Supplier of Choice to Hormel. I am a proud member of the FaB Talent Committee, and Sargento is proud to be a FaBcap Sponsor. This was Sargento’s first year participating in FaB’s Farm-Factory-Fork Career Discovery, offering high school students a personal introduction to the career-making possibilities of the industry. We also recruited Plymouth High School to participate. I received a first-hand account of the experience from a student’s perspective – from my son, who came with Plymouth High School. Take a look at what he experienced, along with 150 students from nine high schools and 25 food and beverage companies."

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"Hello, my name is Keith Smith. I am President of Vonco Products. We are a leading manufacturer of shaped flexible packaging products for the industry. We're a proud new member of FaB. And I might also add that we’re proud to be in Wisconsin, having moved our operations up from Illinois to the Town of Salem in Kenosha County in 2016. In our first year as a member, I participated in two CEO Briefings and Vonco participated in the Farm-Factory-Fork. Talent is the issue top of mind for every employer. FaB is changing how we talk about the lifelong careers and employment opportunities associated with the food and beverage industry. Their new infographic is a tool for all of us to use. And now, it’s in a video, too."

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"Hello, my name is Tera Johnson. I am Founder and Director of the Food Finance Institute with the UW System. I am proud to serve as co-chair of the Industry Growth Committee and for the Food Finance Institute to serve as a FaBcap Program Collaborator. Some of you may have heard of Tera’s Whey – we made the first organic whey protein. I started it, sold it, and learned a whole lot along the way, as many of you have. With the Institute, and through FaB, we can pass our experience along. Big, small, local, global – together is the power of FaB. And the services and strategies we offer benefit us all – from our legacy companies to our youngest selected to participate in the FaBcap Accelerator. Most of us want to grow our businesses. It’s our livelihood and our passion. Food and beverage is our future."

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"Hello, my name is Trueman McGee. I am founder of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls. We're a maker of premium, uniquely flavored, hand crafted spring rolls. I am proud to be one of ten companies selected to participate in the FaBcap Accelerator this year. When I accepted my FaB “cap” last month, walking up to the podium, I said it was like being drafted into the NBA. On behalf of my fellow cappers, we are proud to represent the industry in our premier accelerator."

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"Hello, my name is Gretchen Guitierrez. I am Technical Director for Northland Laboratories. We are a provider of food and beverage analytical services from testing to sensory. I am a proud to serve as a member of the FaB Food Safety Committee. FaB put the focus on Food Safety this year forming our new Food Safety Committee, that we like to call FaBsafe. And while yes, we did build out a new food safety section of the website, offer regulatory updates (compliments of Michael Best) and hosted a Best Practice Session on Creating a Food Safety Mindset, it’s FaB’s MakerSafe certificate that will have bottom-line impact on our food and beverage companies. Food safety is expected and it’s what’s required of us. Navigating FSMA is as challenging as finding good talent. We offer a solution."

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"Hello, my name is Paul Benson. I am a partner with Michael Best. We are a full-service firm with more than 220 lawyers who provide our clients with the exceptional legal service and business acumen that have defined our firm for generations. I am proud to serve as a co-chair of the FaBsafe Committee and on the FaB Council. And Michael Best is proud to be an Annual Gold and Fourth Annual Meeting Sponsor.

When Shelley asked the Council to recommend a keynote speaker for today, I immediately thought of Jim Snee, President & CEO of Hormel. Now it is my pleasure to introduce Jim."

Think you know Hormel Foods? Think again. Think Beyond Spam. Think Best for Vets. Think Wisconsin Suppliers. Think Best Corporate Citizens. Think Serving Cancer Patients. Think Innovation.

Hormel employs more than 19,000 people operating in more than 30 manufacturing facilities (three in Wisconsin) and markets products in more than 60 countries. Think big impact on — and responsibility to — the world. Celebrating its 125th Anniversary in 2016 with a focus on its legacy of innovation, Hormel announced its new vision for the future: Inspired People. Inspired Food.™

"Thank you, Paul. Hello to all. I am President & CEO of Hormel Foods and we’ve been on a food journey for the future."

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"Thank you, Jim for sharing Hormel’s journey and your food story. The sharing of our food stories, your company stories and your stories of innovation is the secret ingredient to reaching students, parents, teachers, counselors, consumers and customers. FaB has this in mind. We have your future in mind.

I invite you to join FaB at The Future Food Center - a place to put a floodlight on the industry and your business. You know the old adage “Go big or go home.” We have a vision and others share it. We have an opportunity to go big. So, I ask you, “Where will you choose to interact for a competitive advantage?” 

Our future is bright, and our table is big. We invite you to pull up a chair and I thank all who already have. From the FaB Team (Pat, Brad, Emily and David), to all of you, we express our sincere gratitude to all. Thank you all! We’ll see you next year."

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