Should my company and I join FaB? Ask yourself these five questions:


"Can my company/employer's primary type of food industry focus be captured in one of these operational types?"

See our list of operational types here. If yes, we're off to a FaBulous start.


"Does my company/employer have operations or offices in Wisconsin?"

If yes, with a name like FaB Wisconsin, you'll fit right in.


"Do any of the following statements about food and beverage made in Wisconsin align with my company/employer's operational beliefs and aspirations?"

  • Wisconsin is where the business of food meets our passion for better food and beverage.
  • Wisconsin is where better food and beverage means cleaner, closer, smarter, safer, and bolder.
  • Wisconsin feeds and quenches the world.

If yes, then we share some alignment around our purpose, vision for Wisconsin's food future, and what the FaB Wisconsin brand stands for.


"Do I recognize any of FaB's member companies, organizations, and institutions?"

See our member list hereIf yes, we're not surprised. Our members touch every aspect of the industry from farm to factory to fork, from wellness to happiness, from big to small, and from local to global.


"Do any of our areas of strategic focus align with challenges and opportunities my company/employer sees? Are they areas of my responsibility? Do they reflect my food and beverage industry experience?"

  • Business development and expansions
  • Business scaling and start-ups
  • Food safety, regulatory, and compliance
  • Industry innovation and collaboration
  • Industry leadership and awareness
  • Supply chain maximization and sustainability
  • Talent attraction, retention, and development

If yes, then we believe you'll benefit from a FaB Wisconsin membership! We encourage you to join us and take a look at our member benefits.

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